I'm back!

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Hi there! 

It's been a long time since I was using this blog to publish some graphic freebies. A few weeks ago I was talking with my fiance and he asked me why I stopped adding a new stuff to this blog. Actually, I don't know... I made my decision to back here and add much more free graphic designs for you guys. 

What changed? 
I'm still working as a graphic designer, but I've changed the company and now I'm working in Fashion Industry. To be honest with you I don't have as much time I had before I started working as a print designer, but I wanna to try to give this blog a new lease of life.
Also... I started to learn English Grammar harder so I hope this website will be more understandable for all of you :) But as always, if you want to correct me, go ahead, I have a lot to do with my English :P 

What next? 
Now I want to clean up this website and maybe change a little layout, so be patient please. New topics will be added soon. I'm planning to add one post per week.
Probably site will be out of order for max few days, but don't worry everything will be back soon as possible.

If you have any questions you can send my an email > goldandberry @ gmail.com (remove space before and after @) 

And see you later!!! x.x

I've deleted all my social accounts, 

but I'm gonna back there soon :) 

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